La Cnn Parla del CirceoLa CNN sceglie il Circeo fra le mete turistiche da visitare nelle vicinanze di Roma

San Felice Circeo is a picturesque, centuries-old village built on top of Mount Circe, where mythology meets nature.

The place is marked by steep walls, vertiginous ridges and peaks, gorges and pebble-stone coves. Solitary lookout towers scan the ocean.

Between Rome and Naples, this promontory stretches out into the sea and rises along the coast where it is said Aeneas landed from burning Troy and the sorceress Circe bewitched Odysseus.

She kept him prisoner for years in a grotto -- the Maga Circe Cave, accessible by sea. The enchantress's profile is sculpted on the hilltop: its skyline has the shape of a sleeping woman.

At Torre Paola, 30 caves contain evidence of settlement by prehistoric men. The Templar's Tower and impressive giant walls of the ancient Circei citadel are also noteworthy (...)

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